Our Beginnings: Welcome to Maximus Digital

The Founding Principles

A Blank Canvas

While sitting on the couch, in the midst of freelancing the creation of websites, marketing strategies, and analysis for a few family friends it dawned on Chris & I. We could help people more if we teamed up & scaled a business together. 

This idea then turned into a concept which needed a name & for us to create a brand identity like we would do for our clients. Boom! Gladiator came on the television (one of my favorite movies) & inspired the naming of the company after the fearless, high integrity character Maximus. Just like that Maximus Digital was born.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Differentiator

 With plenty of digital marketing companies out there offering solutions, one might ask, why enter such a crowded field? What do you offer that may be different?

Our primary focus at Maximus Digital is on tailored services that focus on lead generation. From our viewpoint this value proposition is playing the long game and allows us to offer more flexibility in payment plans via customers (You Grow, We Grow) & formulates a partnership which allows closer working relationships. 

Simply put we only take on clients where we can create simple solutions that solve clients problems or create processes that generate leads. Check out some of our services below!

We are excited for the new journey and look forward to who meet along the way. 


Our Services: What We Do


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Entrepreneurship Our Beginnings: Welcome to Maximus Digital