PTY Custom Lighting

PTY Custom Lighting
Completion Date: 25.07.2020
PTY Custom Lighting is a leading custom lighting manufacturer for the hospitality industry. With lighting that has been featured around the world in hotels ranging from Marriott to Belmond (I did not know six star hotels exist but I definitely am adding staying at the Belmond to our bucket list) PTY is a brand that not only can experience significant growth but also one that helps bring ideas to life. Not only working on guest rooms and public spaces, their services have been requested by leading interior designers for restaurants and luxury apartments as well.
The company wanted a website and brand identity that reflected the company's focus on custom lighting. In addition, they wanted it to have a look and feel that would resonate with the clients they work with.
The focus of this project was on the following areas: 1) Branding Re-Fresh 2) Messaging & Story Telling 3) Content Creation 4) Website & Collateral Re-Design 5) Process Improvement & Automation

The Challenge

PTY Custom Lighting became aware that as they grew in the hospitality industry that their marketing, branding, and logo needed to be refreshed to stay up to date with the times and attract the leads they were attempting to sell to. In this case those prospects were interior designers who valued aesthetics, clean, well designed, & inviting experiences. In their current set up, their branding promoted a light green and heavy sans-serif font, the website utilized the colors with a montserrat body, and the marketing/sales material was a bit disjointed and did not have the consistency required when communicating with the end users.

The Solution

As we began the project it became apparent that PTY needed to update their branding first in order to then leverage sales & content marketing with a sense of consistency. The heavier focus on content marketing could pay off exponentially by showcasing their competitive advantages, differentiate themselves from competitors, and visually show the manufacturing process (people by what they see). We addressed this by first focusing on drafting new logo concepts, branding, colors, and secondary logos. From there we then began addressing the website and collateral to match the new identity, forming a consistent appearance and message. Finally, we began creating videos of projects, the manufacturing facility, and lighting designers/clients they work with in order to show the full package of capabilities they offer.

The creative Process

Final Outcome

The Maximus Way
Crafting a story is key to getting a response for your product
PTY Custom Lighting has a process that differentiates itself from other companies. They manufacturer everything in house and bring their clients ideas to life. Our goal was to illustrate this through not only their new brand identity but also visually throughout their content.
Telling the Story | Final Product
People buy what they see or through visuals. Our goal is to provide them a story that is the change they seek in the world or their job role.


The branding focused on transitioning PTY’s existing logo, colors, and font type from their existing set up to a new, more refined look that had the aesthetics and feel of a custom manufacturer. In addition, we wanted it to appeal to PTY’s target audience of Interior Designers, Purchasing Agencies, & others. How did we do this?

First, we started with logo designs that showcased not only the custom capabilities PTY offers when it comes to manufacturing hospitality lighting but also the capabilities of developing crystal chandeliers & other extremely intricate products that are top of mind when you think of lighting.

Next, after we agreed on a creative direction for the logo and secondary logos we focused on transitioning the colors Green, Beige, White, and Black to a more modern, crisp, luxury feel. The goal when it came to the color change was to create something not only that resonated with the target audiences PTY was seeking to serve but also that was timeless and would last 10-15 years or more. Some details we incorporated included a foil type that could be used as a statement color when it came to business cards & other items. The colors we decided upon were Blue tones, with grays, whites, and gold foil (gold color) where applicable.

Messaging & Content Creation:

The focus here was on simplifying the messaging to showcase the periods of transition in the production process for PTY and to show that we can bring designers inspiration to life. People buy what they see and feel comfortable with. Our goal is to make sure that is readily apparent and the content is assisting the buying process not hindering it through various confusing messages from a sales standpoint.

Website Re-Design & Sales Collateral:

This portion is more to reiterate on consistency. We want to make the message, branding, and colors resonate with the transition we made. Transitioning the website and sales collateral is always necessary when re-branding because it allows us to create a cohesive experience.

Process Improvement & Automation:

This portion of the project is a lot of the behind the scenes work that may not show up in the stat sheet. We created a CRM system to track projects from start to finish that is fully automated and connects all of PTY’s departments together under one tool. Having a single point of truth is crucial to decision making, tracking, and delighting the customer by catching things as quickly as they arise and notifying the proper people to handle the contingency plan.


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