Lead Generation

The term “lead generation” is not the kind of business term that could be considered self-explanatory. In fact, it sounds like jargon; like a meaningless business buzzword that most business owners can ignore, as such jargon is rarely truly a part of running a successful business. If you agree read we encourage you to read below to see how lead generation can truly help your business thrive.

Lead generation seeks to create these leads. The primary focus on lead generation tends to be on warm leads, as these convert well but are far more common than the tough-to-obtain hot leads.

If you’re wondering what your company stands to benefit from lead generation, then the answer really is very simple: increased sales, increased business, and thus increased profits. Lead generation is a key component of attracting new customers, and one you should consider as a particularly important part of your overall marketing and advertising strategy.

Lead generation is the process by which you bring people to your business. When qualifying leads there are three types that you primarily need to be concerned with:

Cold Leads

The most common type of cold lead is a cold call. Essentially, a cold lead is a lead where the prospective customer is contacted without any prior awareness or communication from a business. Cold leads may generate results, but pursuing cold leads can also harm your business’ reputation if it is not done correctly. 


Warm Leads

Warm leads are far preferable to cold leads. These are leads where the customer is already aware of the business; they may have even submitted information to the business, or engaged with their content online— for example, by signing up to their YouTube channel or mailing list. Warm leads tend to convert into sales well, as the customer is already aware of the company and is, therefore, more inclined to interact with them.

Hot Leads

Sometimes called qualified leads, these are leads where a customer has directly sought your company, or a company just like yours. Say, for example, you sell chicken wire. A hot lead would be someone who searches for chicken wire on Google and clicks through to your site with the intent to buy, regardless of the fact they do not have a prior relationship with your company. Hot leads are the best kind of leads as they are ready to buy as soon as they arrive at your business or website, but they are also the rarest kind of leads.

Lead generation

The better rate of lead generation your business experiences, the higher the sales you experience— it really is that simple. If you want to ensure a steady stream of new customers to your business, then investing in a quality lead generation process with a reputable company is always going to be a great decision.

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