Process Automation

Your digital marketing strategy should not only help you more effectively reach your online market base. It should help you do it more efficiently, too. To that end, we can help your business systematize and automate many of the processes related to marketing and online outreach. This means you spend less time carrying out your digital processes, allowing you the freedom to focus on the bigger picture and the work that really makes you money.

Connecting The Team

From managers to salespeople to the marketing team, connecting and communicating changes in the digital strategy can help everyone work with a greater sense of the overall goal and priorities of the business. Customer relationship management tools are great for streamlining this communication. Sales process automation can help trigger alerts to relevant members of the team when high-quality leads are entered into the system. It can set up automatic reminders for the sales team. It can help your customer relations team better retain customers by encouraging them to actively pursue renewals. CRM can even connect with your online support tools to help you team more promptly connect with the customers who need their attention.

Automating Your Data Gathering

One of the revolutions of digital marketing is the data that you are able to compile from your customers. You can form much more accurate insights and better craft your strategy with the right data. There are a lot of ways to collect them, and tools like Google Business Suite can help you automate the process of gathering and compiling that data. We can show you how to use forms that automate the organisation of the results, turning them into visualised and easily understood reports that quickly provide you with the insights your business needs.


Connecting The Steps

There will be some processes in your role that require the use of one or more pieces of software. These different steps can take up a lot of time if the user has to transmit or translate the data or results from one step into the next. Tools like Zapier can help your different apps and software better connect and share data so that you don’t have to do it all yourself. For instance, we can set it up that your email is integrated with Dropbox, so attachments are saved and organized automatically, before your project management software updates with the information to alert relevant members of the team.

Simplifying your work day

All manner of digital marketing and communication tools can be automated. The more you automate, not only are you saving time, but you are reducing the risk of errors leading to losses. For instance, if someone were to receive an email attachment that contained resources that their whole team could use, but they failed to manually share it and update the project management board, they are holding back not just themselves but their colleagues. Automation is the single greatest response to human error.

Your digital tools should help you be more productive. They shouldn’t further clutter up your working day. For that reason, process automation can be crucial to your success.


Process Automation

Your digital tools should help you be more productive. They shouldn’t further clutter up your working day.

For that reason, process automation can be crucial to your success.

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